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Jul. 12th, 2008

Akiba and Eva Chapter 3-Akiba and Eva's first date.

     It was early in the morning,5:00am,and Akiba was very happy that he was now going out with Eva.He got up and did his same morning ritual(house work).Ginco was starring at Akiba with a tired look.As soon as Akiba was done with his house work, he went to Eva's apartment.On his way to Eva's apartment,something seemed to catch his sight.It was a small toy bear that said "I Love You."

Eva,walking to school along with Maki,saw Akiba coming out of the store.

"Hey Akiba!"said Eva and Maki.
"Hi Eva and Maki! ^^"said Akiba.

     Akiba pulled the toy bear out of the plastic bag and he haded it over to Eva.

"I bought it for you...Eva."said Akiba.
"Thanks! ^^"Eva said kisssing Akiba on his cheeks and Akiba blushed.
"Well Im going to school!"said Maki.
"Wait up for us!"said the other two.
"HURRY!!!"said Maki

     The three ran towards the school and made it on time.Five other students didnt make it and had to have detention.Maki wasnt out of breath,but the other two were.

Maki could see a boy looking at her from the other side of the hallway,but she ignored him.

"You know him?"asked Eva.
"Hes in my first period class."said Maki.
"Didnt notice him in first period."said Eva.

     After school Akiba asked Eva if she would go on a date with him tomorrow and she agreed with a smile.The two ran home to get dressed.Maki was with her other friends.Eva wore a short white skirt,down to her knees and black short boots.She also had a short shirt covered with a jacket with fur on the hood.Akiba had blue jeans with white sneakers and a white shirt with short sleeves.As soon as Akiba was done,he called Eva to meet up with him at the mall.

Eva took a cab to the mall and met up with Akiba.

"You look great Eva! *o*"
"Arigoto!You do too! 

     The two went into the mall and Eva saw an ice ring.

"Let's go ice skating!"Eva said to Akiba,but Akiba was already calling her in the ice ring.Eva giggled a little and ran to the ice ring.

not doneeee!!!

Jul. 3rd, 2008

Akiba and Eva Chapter 2 -The Beach

     "This beach looks awesome! *o* "said Maki and Eva. 
     "I'll meet you girls at the beach."said Akiba.
     "OK!!!"said Maki,running towards the ocean and dragging Eva.

      Akiba went to get a towel.After that he set off to go to the beach.Eva saw Akiba coming and also saw that Akiba 
didnt have a shirt and had shorts.Eva had an idea that Akiba was a little cute.Maki was a to busy eating rice cakes under a huge umbrella and had rice on her cheeks.

"Dont finish everything Maki!"said Eva. 
"Never! Its all mine!"said Maki. 

      The two laughed and Akiba watched.

      Maki ran to the beach and said"Race you guys to the water!"Eva and Akiba glanced at each other and looked at Maki.As soon as Maki glanced back to look at the two,Eva and Akiba were already 10 feet away from MAki and were running.Maki ran faster and faster,but was too slow for the other two.Maki was confused not to feel the sand under her feet and she looked down.She saw the problem and their was a big ditch and she fell into it.

"Ahhhhh!"Makki yelled.

     Akiba and Eva made it to the water before Maki and were out of breath.Akiba's dog was kicking sand into the ditch where Maki was.

"Noooooo!"Maki screamed.

     Akiba and Eva were laughing at Maki as she tried to get up out the ditch.She made her way out of the ditch and to the beaches water.

"That wasn't FAIR!"MAki said.
Eva,giggling and trying to talk at the same time,said "Yes it is!Its your fault you fell into the ditch!"

      Aakiba and Eva were still laughing and Maki had an angry look on her face.The day turned to night and most of the beach wasn't filled with anybody anymore.

"I'm going home guys."said Maki.
"Alright."said the other two.

      As soon as Maki left,Akiba and Eva were alone next to a small fire.

"Eva i have to tell you something."said Akiba and also blushing.
"What is it Akiba?"responded Eva.
"Well....."said Akiba,who had a hard time saying what he had to say.
"Just say it pl---."said Eva anxiously.

      Before Eva could finish with her sentence,Akiba was on the bowing down on his knees.

"WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME???!!!"said Akiba.

     Eva was confused and Akiba was worried about what Eva would say.After 30 seconds,Eva had made her choice.

"I will happily go out with you Akiba."said Eva.

     Akiba screamed out in joy and Eva was very happy that Akiba was happy.Maki,who was a mile away from the beach,could hear Akiba screaming.

Jun. 29th, 2008

Akiba and Eva Chapter 1 Part 2-Maki

--Teenager's whispering to each other.
"Wow,look at her she's sooo....wierd."
"I know...look at what she's wearing...."

 She came from America and had to come to Japan because her father,and American,found a great job in Japan.
She always wore mostly black make-up,tops,skirts,etc. and had purple eyes.Her name was Maki.

 "I know her."Eva said.
 "Shes my sister!"said Eva.
 "Ohhhhh.....hahaha"said Akiba.

 "Hey Akiba lets go meet my sister!said Eva,grabbing Akiba's hand.
 Akiba blushed,but Eva didnt see it.

     Akiba and Eva met up with Maki and Eva introduced them to each other.

"The names Maki! ^^"said Maki energetically.
"My name is Akiba.So....your Eva's sister?"said Akiba,not knowing what else to say.
"Yup!Yup!This place is awesome!I got kicked out of my school in America,so my dad thought i should come to school with Eva! ^-^ "said Maki.

"What a nutcase...."said Eva.


"C'mon let's get to class!!!"said Maki.
"Ok.=/"said Akiba and Eva in unison.

     As the three walk down the hall,Eva's shoe laces untie and she trips.Akiba rushes infront of Eva to catch her and 
succesfully catches Eva halfway.Akiba holds Eva in his arm like how a mother holds her baby.Eva's face starts to rush red and so does Akiba.They both smile at each other and They notice that everybody in the hallway was watching.The three rush to the class room as fast as they can.

"T-thanks Akiba....for catching me."said Eva.
"Dont mention it.I couldnt let you fall."said Akiba.

     The two blush and look down in embarressment.They both had mixed feelings about each other.

"I also couldnt let you fall!"said Maki.
"But you did!"said Eva.

     The three started to laugh together.The second bell rang telling the teens in the class to get to there seats.
Miss Chingo got in the class and saw Maki.

"You...girl!!! Come here!"said Miss Chingo in a rude tone.

Maki made her way up to the class.

"Whats your name?!"asked Miss Chingo.
"My name is Maki lady."Maki said in a none caring tone.
"You may seat!!!"

     Maki made her way to the back of the class.

     The next morning,the three went to the beach to relax.

Jun. 28th, 2008

Akiba and Eva Chapter 1 Part 1

......It was 6:00am and Akiba just got up.Akiba was your average highschool student and was 16 years old. He was very annoyed about his dog Ginco,who was barking.Akiba did his morning ritual,which he did for the past five years.Brushed his teeth,shower,dress,cook,and school.He never actually talked.He was more like the person who sat at the back of the class and did his work.Yes,pretty boring life.That was until he met a girl.She came from China and Akiba was from Japan.

      It was first period and class just started."Turn to page five class!"said Miss.Chingo.There were fourty students in the class and could hear everything outside in the hallway,the sound of whistling.The class saw an image of a girl beyond the blurry glass on the door.The door opened and the girl came in still whistling as if nobody was in the class.She gave the tarty slip to Miss.Chingo and walked to the seat in the way back of the class,next to Akiba.

     Miss.Chingo was outraged by the girl and asked her what her name was.The girl replied and said"Piss off old hag!"The class was giggling and looking down."Week of DETENTION!!!"screamed Miss Chingo."Your still an old hag!"said the girl again."Make that two wels of detention!!!"said Miss chingo."Whatever..."said the girl.Akiba was the only one who wasnt laughing.Akiba saw that the girl was writting something on her desk.It wrote:

                                                                 Boring! Miyuki owns this desk =/

(Bell Rings)

     Akiba couldnt help but say to the girl "Are you new to this school?"
     The girl,looking out the window said"Yup.And who are you???"
     "My name is Akiba"
     "Sure is..."
     "Do you need help going around loking for your class?"
     "Well,see you around..."

     After school Akiba went to the store to buy some ramen!
"I love ramen!I wonder what else should i get..."said Akiba.
Akiba was taped on the shoulder and looked around to see the same girl.
"Oh its just you.Well hi!"said Akiba.
"Hey.Sorry about today.You know.How I was being rude and all."said the girl.
"My names Eva."
"My name is Akiba."
"Well gotta go."said Akiba.
"Ok."said Eva.
"Lets hang out sometime...Eva."said Akiba.
"I-I guess that sounds great?"said Eva.

     Akiba was so tired when he got home.He cooked his ramen,ate,showered,watched tv,and went to bed.
"Wow today was a great day!I met someone and actually talked to her!I cant wait for tomorrow!"said Akiba to himself.

     The next morning Akiba did the same morning ritual.When he got outside he saw Eva infront of his house.

"Dis she follow me home???!!!Kreepy..."said Akiba.
"Hey Akiba!!!!"said Eva.
"C'mon we gotta go to school!!! We only have 5 more minutes till the bell rings!"said Eva.
"Omg! I lost track of time!"said Akiba.

     They got to school on time and had only 2 more minutes to get to class.They did get to class on time.

"We made it!"said the two.
"Too bad we have to see Miss Chingo's horrible face and the hair on her mole..."

The two giggled and cried a little from laughing too hard and could hear Miss Chingo taking attendance.
They went through the back door in outside the class and got to their seats without Miss Chingo knowing.
Through the whole time they had in the class,Akiba and Eva were passing notes to each other talking
about how ugly Miss Chingo was and what they should do after school.
Akiba thought it was very unusual for him to be doing things like that,but he had fun at the same time.